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    In Arkansas, the Workers Compensation Law requires that all employers with three or more employees must carry insurance to cover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses for job-related injuries and job-related illnesses. The insurance is carried by a private company or through a state-approved self-insurance program. The benefits include a small portion of an individual´┐Żs salary compensation during the recuperation period.

    Changes in the Workers Compensation Laws during the 1993 legislative session have resulted in one of the most comprehensive workers compensation reform bills in the nation. This legislation makes workers compensation insurance more affordable for employers. At the same time, the new reforms guarantee that employees will be compensated fairly and thoroughly for compensable injuries.

    Narrowing Compensable Injuries
    1. Strict definition of "compensable injury"
    2. Defines an injury as compensable if it is caused by a specific incident and is identifiable by time and place of occurrence
    3. For injuries that are not caused by a specific incident and are not identifiable by time and place of occurrence (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss, etc.), the resultant condition is compensable only if the injury is a major cause of the disability or treatment
    Other Key Measures