City administration is strongly committed to growth and redevelopment for Brinkley. This determination is reflected in the community with the voter-approved passage of a capital improvement bond issue to fund a three-year program of airport expansion, street and drainage improvements.

Bond funds have been utilized for the purchase of state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment and police radio communication equipment. The annexation of approximately 640 acres along the northern growth corridor adjacent to the interstate includes a 60-acre city-owned industrial park.

The city is administered by a Mayor-Council form of government composed of six aldermen elected from three wards and a mayor elected at large.

Elected officials and their positions are as follows:

Mayor Billy Hankins
District Court JudgeJohn Martin870-734-1787
City AttorneyRalph Clifton870-734-3224
City Clerk Stacey Pearson 870-734-1033
Alderman Ron Burrow 870-752-1271
AldermanWally Shaw870-734-1363
AldermanEddie Harvey870-734-4676
AldermanMichael Tucker870-734-3437
Alderman Keith Weaver 870-734-1044
AldermanGene DePriest870-734-2420

The City Council meets in the Municipal Building, at 233 West Cedar on the first & thrid Tuesday of each month in council chambers. Copies of the meeting agenda may be obtained at the offices of the City Clerk or Mayor.

The Municipal Building houses the Administration offices, Police Department, City Jail, Municipal Clerks offices and Municipal Court.

Commissions include:
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Airport
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Planning
  • Water and Sewer
  • Housing Authority

The newly established Economic Development Advisory Committee comprised of both elected officials and local leaders is overseeing the efforts for industrial expansion.

The City maintains a municipal airport with a 4,000-foot paved runway equipped with a lighted night beacon, radio beacon and radio-activated landing lights. Future plans will expand the runway an additional 500-1000 feet and include other improvements.

The Police Department has 13 officers, 4 dispatchers, 8 vehicles and a 911 emergency system. Brinkley has an unusually low crime rate; within the last two years, murders 0 and major crime 0.