An Overview

The integral component of Brinkley�s enhancement project is the responsibility of the Mayor and the Economic Advisory Committee. The project evolved from various town meetings, discussions with civic leaders, Leadership Arkansas and the Vision 2010 Program. As a result, a new industrial park was opened, a million dollar convention center was built and a program adopted to concentrate on improving the business base.

The community supports the belief that industrial development is the number one priority for Brinkley.

Labor Force

Classified as a rural county, a willing labor force is available not only from Brinkley in Monroe County, but surrounding counties as well. A network of both U.S. and state highways and county roads allows industry to draw from a pool of potential employees. Commuting to work is relatively simple.

Unemployment Rates as of January 2011

Monroe County: 8.5%
St. Francis County: 9.7%
Lonoke County: 3.7%
Cross County: 5.8%
Phillips County: 9.7%
Woodruff County: 8.3%

The Arkansas Department of Economic Development (ADED) has established a Web site so that any business or industry in the state may list their jobs on-line and recruitment of employees is possible throughout the United States. Industries may utilize this program without charge.


These are some of our current economic partners:

Van Heusen Distribution Center

601 N. Grand Avenue
Brinkley, AR 72021

Van Heusen Distribution Center ships all over the world.

American Cottonseed Network Inc.

700 N. Grand Avenue
Brinkley, AR 72021

American Cottonseed Network is a family-owned business that purchases cottonseed from the mid-South cotton gins and supplies feed to dairies all across the dairy industry. American Cottonseed has purchased cottonseed in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Missouri but Brinkley is the home office. We provide a dependable and reliable market for cottonseed for cotton gins which helps the producers.

Riviana Foods, Inc.

25 W. White Oak Street
Brinkley, AR 72021

Riviana Foods, Inc. employs over 84 in its local plant. Riviana in Brinkley has a rough rice drying and storage facility taking in over 1.2 million bushels a year. The Instant Rice facility processes and packages rice for major food industries throughout the United States and Europe.

Specialty Rice, Inc.

1000 W. First Street
Brinkley, AR 72021

For centuries, the people of our world�s most high-profile rice-eating countries have enjoyed the special qualities of appetizing, aromatic rice. In India and Pakistan, it�s called �Basmati." In Thailand, it�s called �Jasmine." The special, unique quality of Della Gourmet Rice begins in the field. A few select producers grow the rice on fertile soils in America. In keeping with the gourmet foods, harvested Della is carefully processed in small quantities under strict quality control standards. Specialty Rice, Inc. located in Brinkley handles all grower contracting, milling, packaging and distribution.

Brinkley Industrial Park

The Brinkley Industrial Park consists of 60 acres zoned I-2. All necessary permits and clearances from State and Federal agencies have been secured. It is conveniently located on U.S. Highway 49 less than a mile north of Interstate 40 with easy access to that major artery. Water and sewer infrastructure are in place. Fiber optic access is available for those industries needing this telecommunication service. Natural gas and electrical service are available now. Currently, 1,000 acres are available for industrial expansion.

Topography maps and results of soil composition are available. A Bill of Assurance is enforced for the protection of any business or industry located within the park. A copy will be sent upon request made to the Brinkley Economic Development Department, 233 West Cedar, Brinkley, AR 72021 or telephone 870-734-1382 via the Mayor�s Office.

Plat maps of the industrial park will be sent upon request.

The park site has full fire protection by the Brinkley Fire Department and full police protection by the Brinkley Police Department, with additional assistance from the Monroe County Sheriff�s Department.

Price per site is $50,000 (approximately $10,000 to $12,000 per acre) and is negotiable pending size and projected labor force.


The State of Arkansas has been declared an Enterprise Zone -- industries meeting the criteria for such status can receive substantial rebates on sales tax and, depending on the number of employees hired, tax deductions on income tax.

Other negotiable items:
  • Discounted motel rates during relocation period
  • Negotiable site costs
  • Negotiable rates on loans from local lending institutions
  • Employee testing and screening through CAPDD/WIA
  • On-site education through Crowley�s Ridge Technical Institute (coordinated by WIA)
  • Eastern Arkansas Enterprise Community Industrial grants and tax incentives (for additional information, contact Brinkley Economic Development)
  • NAFTA Zoned -- Tariff Free

Specifics of Utility Services

Total water capacity is 2 million gallons per day, with a reserve of 2 to 3 hundred thousand gallons per day.

Wastewater treatment is biolac aeration with chlorine as a disinfectant. Capacity is 700,000 gallons per day, with a surplus of around 300,000 gallons per day.

Electrical service to the Industrial Park is provided by the Entergy Corporation. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, with offices in Little Rock, representatives are available to discuss the requirements of a customer within a day.

Available to the Industrial Park
  • Existing 13.8 kilovolt distribution
  • 161 kilovolt transmission adjacent to industrial areas
  • Electrical loads of 2 megawatts or less can be provided with 90-day notice
  • 2 to 8 mega watts with six-month notice
  • 8 or more megawatts with 19-month notice. (long lead times are consistent with the ordering of equipment or construction of additional substation capacity)
CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas service
  • 2"service line provided at no charge
  • Larger volume gas line would require a 6" main extension to accommodate large industrial user

Industrial Communications

Southwestern Bell provides the following service
  • Digital switching provided via Northern Telcom switch
  • Located on a fiber-based toll route
  • Upon demonstration of customer need, fiber optics will be available at no additional construction charge
  • ISDN, CCSS7 and frame relay switching are also available

Property Tax

Political subdivisions include counties, cities and school districts and are authorized to impose taxes on real (house or land) and personal property consisting of automobiles, pickup trucks, recreation vehicles, boats and motors, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. These ad valorem taxes are based according to value.

Property must be assessed each year before May 31. Taxes are due by October 10 of the following year. Assessment is 20% applied to the true market value of real property and to the usual selling price of personal property. Agricultural and forest lands, however, are assessed at useable value rather than true market value. Business property is assessed like individual property.

New residents of Brinkley should contact the Monroe County Assessor�s office for specific information on tax policies.

Sales Tax

The Arkansas sales tax is 6.0 percent of the gross receipts from the sales of tangible personal property and certain selected services. The tax is paid by the consumer at the point of final sale and is computed on the total consideration received without any deduction for expenses. �Sale" includes the lease or rental of tangible personal property.

The City of Brinkley levies a 2 cent sales tax and a 2 cent restaurant tax.

The Utility Franchise Tax is set at a variable rate.

Franchise Tax

State franchise taxes for corporations and other corporate entities are administered by the office of the secretary of the state.

Sales and Use Tax

Vendors located within Arkansas are required to register under the Gross Receipts Tax Law. A non-refundable fee is required of sales persons, solicitors, peddlers, agents or by taking orders for sales of the same, you must register under the Vendor Compensating Use Tax Law.

For detailed information contact the Revenue Division, Sales & Use tax Section, P.O. Box 1272, Little Rock, AR 72203-1272. Telephone: (501) 682-7104.

Miscellaneous Taxes

The miscellaneous tax covers a variety of taxation ranging from amusement tax to Brucellosis assessment. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Revenue Division, Miscellaneous Tax Section, P.O. Box 896, Little Rock, AR 72203-0986. Telephone: (501) 682-7187.

Motor Fuel and Carrier Tax

Any company requesting a gasoline or diesel fuel distribution license within the state of Arkansas must contact the motor fuel tax section to obtain the proper application and bond forms. No sale of gasoline or diesel fuel is permitted in Arkansas without a license.

Arkansas is a member of the International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA). All Arkansas-based motor carriers operating inter-state must obtain the appropriate license. Any motor carrier based in a non-IFTA jurisdiction has the option to become a licensed and bonded user. Payments on a �per trip" basis are also authorized.

For more information, contact the Revenue Division, Motor Fuel Tax Section, P.O. Box 1753, Little Rock, AR 72203-1752. Telephone: (501) 682-4800.