General Overview

Brinkley is an amicable and neighborly community of 3,000. As with all towns in the twentieth century, Brinkley has experienced the ebb and flow of progress. Now fourth generation residents are united with relative newcomers to bring Brinkley to an era of active development and expansion. City leaders and residents have come together to diversify the economic and employment base of the community, while improving the standard of living and quality of life for all its citizens.

In 1909, Mr. Folsom acquired the property where the library is located. The house was built by Mr. Lawson Deloney of the Deloney and Wittenburg architectural firm of Little Rock. The library houses 7,000 books, 800 children´┐Żs books, fiction, large print, paperback, videos, books on tape, reference materials, classical books and voter registration

Television, Radio, Newspaper

  • Cable television service is provided by East Arkansas Video providing 51 standard service channels and two premium services, Home Box Office and Cinemax.
  • The Argus, a twice weekly local newspaper, spotlights local news. State and national information are provided by the daily Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and the Memphis Commercial Appeal
  • Radio stations are KBFC-KXJX and KBRI-KTRQ

Telephone numbers for these services:

East Arkansas Video800-382-3128
The Argus870-734-1056
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette501-378-3456

Financial Institutions

There is one locally owned bank and several branch banks. All banks have full lending services.

Name Location Phone
Bank of Brinkley, Main Bank130 South New Orleans870-734-3133
Bancorp South800 North Main870-734-1300
Bank of Brinkley Branch1405 North Main870-734-1598
Evolve Bank & Trust302 North Main870-589-2499
Ag Heritage Farm Credit Services498 Broadmoor Dr.870-734-4561