City Services

The Brinkley Municipal Water Works serves as a potable water source for Brinkley, Wheatley, two rural water associations and various outlying areas outside the city limits. Despite the volume of customers, the water system continues to have a surplus water capacity of nearly 1.5 million gallons per day.

The Wastewater treatment system has recently undergone extensive renovation. The treatment system uses a Biolac aeration system, and the design capacity is .70 million gallons per day. The average volume treated at the facility is .545 million gpd, and the facility has a surplus capacity of .15 million gpd.

To sign up for services:

Office Location: 207 South Main
Telephone: 870-734-1721

For new service, there is a $75 deposit homeowners, a $100 deposit for renters for residents, and $60 deposit for businesses.

Fee breakdown:
Water1st 1,000 gallons$9.15
Water Next 6,500 gallons$2.88 per gallon
AmbulanceFee per month$2.50
Mosquito ControlFee per month$1.08
FSDWAFee per month$0.30
SanitationFee per month (single family)$9.50

Both water and sewer rates are consistently among the lowest rates in the state.


Southwestern Bell provides land line telephone service.

For basic telephone service hookup:
Residential: 1-800-464-7928
Business: 800-499-7928
Cellular service is available from a number of providers.


CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas service. Two-inch service lines are provided at no charge. Customer Service: 1-800-992-7552

Electrical services are provided by the Entergy Corporation. Customer Service: 1-800-368-3749

The Woodruff Electric Cooperative serves some rural areas.